HuffPo: ‘Breitbart News Grossly Mis-Gendered Supermodel Andrea Pejic’

Richard Drew/AP
Richard Drew/AP

The Huffington Post’s pronoun Nazis attacked Breitbart’s Kipp Jones for describing transgender super model Andreja Pejic as a “he.” Pejic, who was born male, did undergo gender reassignment surgery in 2014. Nevertheless, surgery doesn’t change your chromosome, and it is the chromosomes that determine gender.

Surgery or not, describing someone born male as female is anti-science.

Last Friday, Brietbart News reporter Kipp Jones blatantly failed to meet widely accepted reporting standards (set forth by GLAAD) when it comes to covering the transgender community. In a piece about Andreja Pejic’s new Marie Claire cover, Jones states: “…the 24-year-old underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2014, and he has been modeling as a female ever since.” He doesn’t stop there, referring to Andreja as ‘he’ at least three more times.

This misuse of pronouns and denial of one’s gender identity in the media reinforces the continued demeaning and discrimination of and against the trans community.

As a community, it is our responsibility to hold members of the media accountable for such public and blatant acts of ignorance.

Click HERE to email Kipp Jones, and ask him to issue a correction.

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