On Abortion, the Left Uses Donald Trump to Divide the Right and Ignores Actual Extremists

GREEN BAY, WI - MARCH 30: Presidential candidate Donald Trump films a town hall meeting for MSNBC with Chris Matthews at the Weidner Center located on the University of Wisconsin Green Bay campus on March 30, 2016 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Tom Lynn/Getty Images)
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Right now, today, President Barack ObamaHillary ClintonBernie Sanders and, the national Democratic Party all support unrestricted abortions and oppose “any and all efforts to weaken or undermine” a women’s “right” to have an abortion and believes “there is no place for politicians or government to get in the way.”

Oh, you’re nine months pregnant? Don’t worry. You don’t have to give birth to that perfectly healthy baby if you don’t want to. 

Right now, today, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton oppose a ban on partial-birth abortion.

Yet this stance is somehow less scandalous than Donald Trump’s answer to a hypothetical question that women who seek abortions should be subject to “some form of punishment” if the procedure is banned in the U.S.

If Trump’s abortion gaffe has done anything, it’s given the media another chance to sing a popular psalm from their political hymnal: Republicans hate women and are extreme on abortion.

The truth is, rank and file Democrats are at odds with most of the public on the subject of abortion. The distance between Hillary Clinton’s pro-abortion precepts and that of the average voter is Grand Canyon-sized — and journalists aren’t going to call her out on it. And that’s because most beltway journalists are quietly embarrassed by the fact that they, like the Democrats they cover, are to the left of most Americans on abortion.

However, none of this has stopped those same pro-choice pundits from diving into their fainting couches over what Trump said.

Within minutes, fake outrage was pouring forth from liberal media members. Journalists who have spent most of their professional lives either voting for or refusing to challenge politicians who champion public policies that incentivize more abortions, have spent the last 24 hours crapping all over Donald Trump for taking a position on abortion that just happens to be to the right of America’s pro-life movement.

Trump says he is “pro-life without exceptions.” That may be true. It could also be a bald-faced lie.

The anger from pro-life activists who feel like Trump is undoing their work is palpable. Trump’s flippancy is confirming terrible stereotypes pro-lifers have worked hard to disprove.

But let’s not kid ourselves here.

Do pro-abortion news outlets like Huffington Post or The New York Times or MSNBC now care about the human misery that flows from their support of pro-abortion policies?

If New York journalists cared so much about the abortion debate, where was their collective acrimony when we learned that more babies are aborted in New York City than are born? (And not a peep from the Empire State’s former junior senator-turned grandmother, Hillary Clinton).

Remember when Planned Parenthood officials were caught on camera cackling about how easy it is to abort babies, allegedly chopping up their organs, and selling their body parts to the highest bidder? Do you also remember the wall-to-wall coverage MSNBC and The New York Times gave those atrocities?

Yeah, neither do I.

So, again, do liberal journalists beating Donald Trump over the head actually care about the specifics of banning abortion? Or does their newfound concern come from the fact that abortion can now be used to divide conservatives and tear apart an already fractured Republican party?

Are we to believe that liberal journalists getting tough on Trump now over the moral and Constitutional questions concerning abortion, won’t piss away the chance later to do the same to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?

Dr. Ben Carson spent weeks making abortion a serious issue in this Republican presidential primary. Carson pointed out that Planned Parenthood systematically targets black and Latino neighborhoods in their pernicious pursuit of abortion profits. The pro-choice media flogged Dr. Carson for daring to bring that up.

So who really cares about abortion?

It certainly isn’t liberal journalists. And it sure isn’t Democrats.

They never have and they never will.

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