BuzzFeed: Nigel Farage ‘Britain’s Most Successful Politician in a Generation’

Leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), Nigel Farage (C) reacts at the Leave.EU referendum party at Millbank Tower in central London on June 24, 2016, as results indicate that it looks likely the UK will leave the European Union (EU). Top anti-EU campaigner Nigel Farage said he was …

BuzzFeed is cancer, but sometimes cancer gets it right. Here’s BuzzFeed UK correspondent James Ball on Nigel Farage, who Ball declares a “winner” of EU Referendum.

From BuzzFeed:

Nigel Farage has the victory he’s dedicated his entire political career to: securing the UK’s exit from the European Union. A man who has stood for parliament seven times without ever getting elected has become arguably Britain’s most successful politician in a generation.

Farage, who has led UKIP for most of the last decade, has seen his party rise to around 13% of the national vote, and despite conceding the referendum result early in the evening, un-conceding, re-conceding, and un-conceding again, has found himself on the winning side of the vote.

Expect Farage to be a vocal contributor from the sidelines of the UK’s exit negotiations – if the UK looks likely to make concessions such as joining the EEC (Europe’s free trade area) without major exceptions to its usual rules, he’ll publicly cry betrayal. Farage wants a full Brexit vote, with full freedom from EU rules. Anything less than that and we’ll hear about it.

One ironic turn to Farage’s day of glory: He’s voted himself out of a job. Farage is a sitting member of the European parliament – and Britain will lose its MEPs once it leaves Europe.

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