Nigel Farage: ‘Massive Thanks to Breitbart on Both Sides of the Pond’ for Brexit Coverage


UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage told SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily that Breitbart News was one of the few bright spots in generally dismal media coverage of the Brexit debate.

“I would like to think and hope that right across the globe, what we’ve done is to prove that people power — and we need a few good journalists like Breitbart, writing and talking about these things — but people power can beat the establishment, if they try hard enough,” said Farage.

Bannon congratulated Farage, UKIP, and the rest of the Leave coalition for a hard-won “David versus Goliath” victory that seemed impossible at the outset, as portrayed by most U.K. and U.S. media. “It’s just been extraordinary,” said Bannon, who is the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News.

“Well, it certainly has been,” Farage agreed. “And can I just say a massive thanks to Breitbart, on both sides of the pond? Because you guys have been fair with me, and given me a chance to make my arguments. I thank you guys very much indeed for that.”

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