Palin to ‘Sick’ MSM: Stop Claiming Black Lives Matter ‘Thugs’ & ‘Rioters’ Are ‘Peaceful’


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has a stern and simple message for the mainstream media—stop spreading the false narrative that Black Lives Matter agitators are “peaceful.”

In an interview with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Sunday, which airs on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 from 7 PM to 10 PM EST, Palin emphasized that the Black Lives Matter agitators are “not protesters. These are thugs. They are rioters.”

“I’m calling out the media,” Palin said. “Quit claiming that these rioters are peaceful. They are stomping on the flag figuratively and literally. Shouting death to cops. Celebrating violence.”

She added that the mainstream media are helping Black Lives Matter agitators perpetuate a message that “evil people are thriving on right now as they try to intimidate and… warp malleable minds” into believing that “one race matters more than another.”

She said that is the antithesis of Martin Luther King Jr.’s message.

“It’s the antithesis of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights… our charters of liberty that say all men are created equal,” she added.

In a Facebook post (“#BlackLivesMatter is a Farce and Hyphenating America Destroys Us”) last week, Palin pointed out that Black Lives Matter activists have shouted “death to cops” and stomped on the American flag. She told the mainstream media that “blood is on your complicit hands when you naively or purposely refuse to tell of this movement’s truth.”

When Marlow mentioned that the same mainstream press that blamed Palin for the assassination attempt on Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) before knowing anything about the shooter is now claiming that the Black Lives Matter movement is “peaceful,” Palin mentioned that she would expect the mainstream media to “pull that crap.” But she said that she grew “very frustrated” that some in the “quasi-conservative media” jumped on the mainstream media bandwagon to blame her just like the “quasi-conservative media” are afraid to challenge the “false, false, narrative” regarding the Black Lives Matter movement that the mainstream media are trying to push.

Palin also told Marlow that the mainstream media continue to get away with calling Black Lives Matter a “peaceful” movement because “there aren’t enough people like you [and Breitbart News] who are calling them out for this false peaceful title they are giving Black Lives Matter.”

Listen to the full interview here:


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