Dana Perino, Chris Stirewalt to Host Fox News Political Analysis Show

Fox News

Former White House press secretary and The Five co-host Dana Perino and Fox digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt will host a new weekly political analysis show on Fox News ahead of the 2016 election, the network announced Tuesday.

The show — titled Perino & Stirewalt: I’ll Tell You What — debuts Sunday, September 18 at 5 p.m. and will serve as a sort-of spin-off of the pair’s weekly Fox News podcast. The show will air every Sunday until November 13.

“The unscripted conversation will be complemented by live reports and touch on the latest from the candidates on the campaign trail,” Fox News said in announcing the show. “The co-hosts will also be joined by a rotating panel who will offer additional perspective and insight on the historic 2016 race.”

Stirewalt and Perino have been critical of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

In a segment on The Kelly File earlier this month, Stirewalt said that Trump needs to find a way “to get beyond” the immigration issue and “start talking to voters other than those in his base.”

“He should stop talking about immigration,” Stirewalt said. “It is not the most important issue by a long shot for most Americans, and for those Americans who are hawkish on immigration, who really care about that issue at the top of the stack, they’re already voting for Donald Trump. He has to get off of this issue.”

Perino has previously questioned the viability of Trump’s plan to build a secure border wall on the United States’ southern border with Mexico.

“You’re going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it? On what planet could that actually happen?” Perino said on The Five last year. “I’m pointing out the absurdity of a lot of these comments. I get it that he’s entertaining. I know that he loves America. He’s done a lot of great things. He also has done things without ever having to work with 535 members of Congress who actually control the purse strings in America.”

Earlier this week, Perino suggested that Trump prefers to do “fun media interviews” over the hard work of voter outreach.


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