Perez Hilton: MILO is ‘Walking Sack of Maggots’, Files Story Under ‘Icky Icky Poo’

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Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton attacked Breitbart Senior Editor MILO today, calling him a “walking sack of maggots” and filing his story about MILO’s book deal under “icky icky poo.”

“Disgusting doesn’t even begin to describe this situation!” proclaimed Hilton in a blog post about MILO’s upcoming book Dangerous, before falsely claiming that MILO sent “racist epithets” to Leslie Jones.

“For those who have no idea who this walking sack of maggots is, he’s the same guy who relentlessly trolled Leslie Jones with racist epithets and other derogatory terms until she suffered a public breakdown,” he claimed. “Prior to the [Twitter account] deletion, Milo (who in a bizarre twist is gay) would regularly attack members of the LGBT community, people of color, and pro-Hillary Clinton supporters. Yiannopoulous’ sick behavior makes sense considering he’s an editor at the Steve Bannon led Breitbart News Network — the Alt-Right sanctuary that appears to pride itself on being a haven for those revel in hate speech.”

“Yuck, what a disappointing situation” Hilton concluded. “So, will YOU be boycotting the publishing house?”

As a further dig, Hilton filed the article under the category “Icky Icky Poo”.

Commenters were quick to point out that MILO is just the modern day version of Hilton, who used to be a figure of controversy before dying out.

“He is not diferent than you, Perez,” declared one user, while another added, “He’s doing exactly [what] you [did when you] became famous for a decade ago.”

One user also declared that “Milo is the voice of the New Gay Generation!”, a dig at Hilton who is gay himself.

On Thursday, Red Alert Politics predicted that MILO’s book would quickly sell more copies than Hillary Clinton’s Stronger Together, which sold less than 3,000 copies in its first week.

“Progressives are uncomfortable that the ideology they reject is becoming more mainstream and a larger segment of American life. They’d be much happier if publishing companies spent money giving liberal politicians and activists big advances for books that nobody reads or buys like Hillary Clinton’s Stronger Together (sold less than 3,000 copies its first week),” wrote Red Alert. “The best liberal freakouts are yet to come, wait until Yiannopoulos sells more copies of Dangerous than Clinton did of Stronger Together.”

Following Red Alert’s prediction, MILO’s book has become the bestseller for numerous categories on Amazon including political humor and censorship, beating a book by The Daily Show.

“Milo” became the number one trending topic on Twitter in the U.S. earlier today follow MILO’s announcement of the book, with its publisher Simon and Schuster reaching the third most trending topic, before both were removed.

Numerous celebrities and media figures complained on Twitter about MILO’s book deal, including Sarah Silverman, who posted: “The guy has freedom of speech but to fund him & give him a platform tells me a LOT about @simonschuster YUCK AND BOO AND GROSS”

Think Progress editor Judd Legum was also not happy to hear news of the book, falsely accusing MILO of being a “white nationalist,” a lie mirrored by the Washington Post‘s Gabe Ortiz.

The Chicago Review of Books also announced that they would boycott every book from publisher Simon and Schuster in 2017 as a protest against MILO’s book being published.

“They said banning me from Twitter would finish me off. Just as I predicted, the opposite has happened,” said MILO in a comment to the Hollywood Reporter about his book. “Did it hurt Madonna being banned from MTV in the 1990s? Did all that negative press hurt Donald Trump’s chances of winning the election?”

“I met with top execs at Simon & Schuster earlier in the year and spent half an hour trying to shock them with lewd jokes and outrageous opinions,” he continued. “I thought they were going to have me escorted from the building — but instead they offered me a wheelbarrow full of money.”

“Every line of attack the forces of political correctness try on me fails pathetically,” MILO concluded. “I’m more powerful, more influential, and more fabulous than ever before and this book is the moment Milo goes mainstream. Social justice warriors should be scared — very scared.”

DANGEROUS is available to pre-order now via Amazon, in hardcover and Kindle editions. And yes, MILO is reading the audiobook version himself! 

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