Sean Spicer Repels Smears About Hero Widow’s Speech Appearance

Ovation Owens Widow

At a White House press gaggle Wednesday with no cameras present, press secretary Sean Spicer explained how the Navy SEAL widow was invited to the president’s address to both houses of Congress Tuesday night.

Carryn Owens, the widow of Senior Chief William “Ryan” Owens who was killed during a raid in Yemen, was given the spotlight for several minutes during Tuesday night’s speech by President Trump. She received a long, standing ovation from Congress, the President, and the gallery attendees.

Spicer explained that the president first extended an invitation to appear at the speech on January 30, during a condolence call to Carryn Owens.

The timing of this invitation is important because critics of the president have cynically attacked him and called the widow’s appearance a “photo-op.”

Spicer also made it clear that the widow’s inclusion in the speech was her decision, and that the White House showed sensitivity towards her — wishing that she not be used as a political prop but maintaining she had a right to be addressed concerning her husband.

The reporter that asked the question at the press gaggle thanked Spicer for his detailed answer but persisted in the accusation that the move was being used by the White House.


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