Mother Jones Mag Claims ‘Tomahawk Missiles’ Are Offensive to Native Americans

Native American Iriquois with Tomahawk

Mother Jones editor-in-chief received a lot of pushback on social media for claiming that the “tomahawk” missiles fired at a Syrian air base last week were an example of cultural appropriation.

“That the missiles are called tomahawks must enrage a lot of Native Americans,” Clara Jeffery wrote on Twitter.

Jeffery received a flood of responses that criticized her statement and pointed out the history behind the name.

Jonah Goldberg of National Review said the decision to name the missiles was a “tribute” and not a “mockery” of Native Americans.

Donald Trump Jr. retweeted a response from author and Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro that poked fun at the response and offered a name for the missiles on behalf of his Jewish nationality.

“If Native Americans want to rename Tomahawk missiles, I am happy to offer to rename them Hebrew Hammers on behalf of the Jews,” Shapiro wrote on Twitter.

According to the Daily Mail, it is actually common practice in the U.S. military to name aircraft or machinery after Native American tribes.

Army officials typically name aircraft after Native American tribes that historians say are well-known for their martial prowess.

Army Material Command actually seeks approval from Native American tribes before deciding to name any aircraft after a Native American tribe, according to the Department of the Army.

Jeffery’s tweet comes after President Trump decided to attack a Syrian air base with 56 tomahawk missiles in response to a chemical attack reportedly launched by the Syrian regime that killed 85 civilians, including children.


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