Joe Scarborough, Ana Navarro Caught Spreading Fake News

Ana Navarro

Various reporters and media personalities on Sunday tweeted an old story from May about President Donald Trump’s special assistant Sebastian Gorka’s imminent exit from the White House, spreading the fake news to their followers.

CNN’s “Republican” pundit Ana Navarro tweeted the story on Sunday and has yet to delete it, as Twitchy noted. Richard Painter’s left-wing activist organization CREW has also not deleted its “fake news” tweet–talk about “responsibility” and “ethics.” Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, though, eventually deleted the story after spreading the “fake news” to his followers.

But as Breitbart News previously noted when Scarborough falsely claimed former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon called President Donald Trump a “blundering fool” (he didn’t), Scarborough is either illiterate or a “poseur” like many of his panelists–“the type who reads a few snippets and excerpts of a book or a long-form article before a dinner party and acts like he has read the whole thing while conversing with other guests who mistake sounding ‘smart’ for having actual knowledge.”

It appears that Scarborough read the story and lacks basic reading comprehension skills or just re-tweeted the piece without ever having read it, which is what so many “smart” media personalities regularly do on Twitter.




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