New Republic Publisher, Documentary Producer Hamilton Fish Suspended for Harassment Allegations

hamilton fish
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

America’s oldest left-wing publication, the New Republic, has just put publisher Hamilton Fish on leave for a series of harassment allegations. This comes on the heels of news that Leon Wieseltier, its prominent literary editor for three decades, all but admitted to a litany of appalling sexual misconduct allegations.

“I have been made aware that a number of employees have come forward in the last few days to express concern about certain workplace interactions that have created an uncomfortable environment for them,” New Republic owner Win McCormack wrote to his staff. “As I understand them, these concerns relate specifically to interactions between Ham Fish and a number of women employees. I appreciate the candor our employees have displayed in coming forward with their concerns, and I take the concerns very seriously.”

McCormack, who purchased the collapsing New Republic last year, also hired Fish, who has now been placed on a leave of absence.

Fish is also part of Harveywood, a producer of feature documentaries.

Wieseltier was with the New Republic from 1983 to 2014.

Fish came on board as publisher in February 2016.

From the looks of it, if all of these allegations are true, female New Republic employees barely had a year to catch their breath between Wieseltier and Fish.

During these years, the New Republic regularly lectured from on high about the so-called Republican war on women.

Just like Hollywood, once again, we are discovering that the left loves to falsely accuse their political enemies of things they themselves are most guilty of.

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