Newseum: Monument to America’s Most Disgraced Institution in Talks to Sell


The Washington D.C.-based Newseum is a massive failure, bleeding red ink and in serious talks to sell out and relocate.

Someone actually believed that a massive monument to the most disgraced institution in America — journalism — was a good idea. Then, to the surprise of no one in the real world, that massive monument to left-wing liars and frauds not only failed, it is now talking seriously about selling out and moving elsewhere.

The Newseum currently stands seven-stories tall in a pretentious $450 million building right on Pennsylvania Avenue, a stone’s throw from the U.S. Capitol. The only problem is that it is running massive deficits. Last year alone, what Kyle Smith described as a “cathedral of sanctimony,” lost over $8 million.

The problem, of course, is that no one likes the American media, so why would anyone with a working television set pay $25 to walk around a building where the most dishonest and snobbish people in the world celebrate the thing they love most — themselves.

According to Smith, the museum also sucks-sucks. Even if you are among the 22% of Americans who believe the media does not suck, it is still a shallow and stupid experience celebrating shallow and stupid people and their crooked institutions:

Pass through the Newseum’s doors, however, and your excitement may quickly be doused: It’s essentially a building full of stories you could easily find on the Internet, dull games, and large corporate displays of self-celebration. There’s a Bancroft Family Ethics Center (“kiosks allow you to tackle real-life reporting dilemmas and see how journalists and other visitors responded”), an NBC News Interactive Newsroom (“gives visitors a chance to play the role of a reporter or photographer”), and a New York Times Great Hall (“a continuous flow of news and free speech.

You can also see Ana Marie Cox’s slippers.

The museum opened officially in 1997. In 2008 it moved to its elite digs right in the heart of our nation’s capitol. Things are so bad now, the far-left Washington Post is forced to report that museum officials are taking seriously the idea of selling the building and relocating yet again.

Future location proposals should consider, Embarrass, Minnesota; Hell, Michigan; Los Banos, California: Fake News, Wisconsin; Liar, Pennsylvania; Shameless, Wyoming;  JakeSoWoke, Utah; Bubbled, Main; or North Korea.

A museum for journalism makes about as much sense as a museum dedicated to the O.J. Simpson jury, to New Coke, to Bernie Madoff…

Like everything else the media touches, the Newseum is a fake news failure.

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