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Carbon Capture Failure Might Mean Quadrupled Industry Fines

Now that attempts by the government to prop up projects attempting “carbon capture and storage” have failed, industries’ penalties for releasing carbon into the atmosphere could be quadrupled in California.

Jerry Brown-Schwarzenegger (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

Bay Bridge Corrosion Threatens Supporting Cables

The lead designer of the Bay Bridge is warning that the cables holding up the eastern span are vulnerable because of water leaking into the twin steel boxes anchoring them.

Bay Bridge San Francisco (Frank Schulenburg / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Prop 47: California Has Lighter Sentences, More Crime

California’s Proposition 47 of 2014, The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, which changed some drug and property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, has coincided with a rise in crime in parts of the state.

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, file

Dumb VC: Homejoy Charges $19 an Hour, Loses $12 an Hour

Uber is now valued at almost $51 billion, a valuation that puts the “on-demand mobile service” (ODMS) leader at the level of Facebook in 2011. The company’s fund-raising success has spurred a vast number of “Uber for X” start-ups that are building corporate empires with legions of outsourced contract workers. But the “gig economy” seems to be operating the same money-losing business model as the “Dot-com Bubble.”

Homejoy Toilet Paper (Cindy Ord / Getty)

Bay Bridge Problems: 25% of Rods Exposed to Corrosion

Caltrans director Malcolm Dougherty admitted on Thursday that the sleeves of 120 of the 400 “high-strength” rods anchoring the tower of the new Bay Bridge to its foundation are immersed in salt water that could corrode them.

Bay Bridge (Justin Sullivan / Getty)