Media Believe It’s Okay to Enter Your Home Without Permission

Olivia Nuzzi

Because of their biases, porn-fetish, moral preening, and dishonesty, the establishment media are justifiably held in low regard by the American people.

Public opinion is unlikely to improve now that the media believe they have the right to enter your home or office without your permission and snap a few photos.

In one of those classic examples of inside-inside media masturbation, where the media makes itself the Big Story of the Day, Olivia Nuzzi, a far-left reporter at New York Magazine, was interviewed at length this week about how she  “got Hope Hicks to talk.” In the interview, Nuzzi brags about entering the home and/or office of President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski when he was not there.

Once inside, she snapped a photo and posted it on social media. She said:

I tried to knock on the basement door, but the gate wasn’t open. Then I walked up the steps to the main door and knocked for, like, 10 minutes. And I’m knocking, knocking, nobody’s answering. But after a while, I just touched the door knob, and the door was open. I walked in and I’m in the house, by myself. So I took this photo of the quote on a wall. I peered around but I didn’t walk fully into the house.

According to an online legal dictionary, “Trespass is defined by the act of knowingly entering another person’s property without permission. Such action is held to infringe upon a property owner’s legal right to enjoy the benefits of ownership. Criminal charges, which range from violation to felony, may be brought against someone who interferes with another person’s legal property rights.”

The immorality of entering another person’s home or office  without permission and taking a photo should go without saying, but we are talking about the American mainstream media here, and now we know that the media believe it is okay for its staffers to trespass, to enter your home or office without your  permission.

What more proof do you need than this…

When asked specifically about Nuzzi’s trespassing by Fox News, New York Magazine said, “We stand by Olivia’s reporting methods and don’t believe she did anything wrong.”

If that is not amoral enough for you, over at the far-left CNN, the anti-Trump network’s senior media reporter Oliver Darcy specifically singled out Nuzzi’s trespassing and praised her for her “persistence.”

Elsewhere, in the realm of silence equals consent, a good faith effort on my part reveals no criticism of Nuzzi’s behavior from any of her colleagues in the elitist media.

Moreover, Nuzzi obviously know her colleagues well enough that she felt comfortable publicly admitting to her trespassing knowing it would only result in accolades from the likes of CNN.

For his part, Lewandowski told Fox News,  “I can confirm I did not grant her permission to enter my office,” and said that he is considering legal action against Nuzzi.

If this amoral behavior is something the media are publicly willing to admit to, it is chilling to imagine what they are doing without our knowledge.

Final thought: As the media openly attempt to disarm us, they also want to normalize entering our homes without permission.

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