Migrants Use Night Vision Tech to Avoid Texas Police near Border

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers working brush operations in rural Kinney County utilized technology to track down a group of migrants illegally trespassing on a ranch. Near Laredo, troopers found another group using their own technology to try to avoid apprehension.

DPS troopers in Kinney County, Texas, arrested a group of migrants trespassing on a private ranch. (Texas Department of Public Safety)

Texas ‘Catch & Jail’ Program Collars 7000 Migrants

More migrants illegally crossing the border from Mexico into Texas are finding themselves incarcerated under the state’s “Catch and Jail” plan. They are being arrested by the thousands under “Operation Lone Star” put in place by Governor Greg Abbott earlier this year.

FILE - In this June 16, 2021 file photo, Texas Department of Public Safety officers work with a group of migrants who crossed the border and turned themselves in Del Rio, Texas. Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's newest immigration crackdown, allowing state troopers to pull over vehicles suspected of carrying …

Snowboarder Who Rode Avalanche Could Face Prosecution

A snowboarder could face trespassing charges after he allegedly knowingly entered an area that was marked as closed off to the public and triggered an avalanche that, lucky, he rode to safety. The snow slide could have potentially put the public in danger.

Snowboard avalanche (Screenshot : Christian Michael / YouTube)