Media Fail: Only 39% Say Stormy Story Important While 59% Believe Clinton Accusers

Adult performer Stormy Daniels sits down for an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, which was broadcast by CBS News' 60 Minutes.
60 Minutes / YouTube

Only 39 percent of those polled attach any importance to the media’s obsessive coverage of Stormy Daniels, while a comfortable majority of 59 percent do believe those who have accused former-President Bill Clinton of sexual assault.

Rasmussen Reports, one of the most accurate pollsters in the 2016 presidential campaign, has nothing but bad news for a mainstream media dedicated to taking down President Trump, and who are now desperate enough to do so using what was, at worst, a consensual one-night extra-marital affair with a porn queen.

Keep in mind that this is all porn star Stormy Daniels is accusing Trump of — one night of consensual sex 12 years ago. Whatever the truth is (Trump denies the affair), the president’s lawyer Michael Cohen says he paid Daniels $130,000 to protect his client from her selling this story. In turn, she has since violated the agreement in order to tell the world that she had one night of consensual sex with Trump more than a decade ago.

And so, to the surprise of no one who lives within the boundaries of the Real World, no one cares about this story, except for Democrats, who already hate Trump.

Outside of 74 percent Democrats, most people are not even following the dumb story.  Only 41 percent of Republicans are interested, while only 43% of those not affiliated with either party are following it.

The worst news for the media is the effect Stormy is having on voters — which is to say not much at all. While 64 percent of Democrats say the Stormy story has “colored their perceptions” of Trump, only 23 percent of Republicans and a mere 26 percent of Independents agree.

A clear majority of 56 percent of all voters attach no importance to the story as far as how it has affected their view of the president.

One of the poll’s most interesting finds is that a whopping 45 percent are not paying close attention to what the media assures us is The Biggest And Most Important Story In The History Of The World.

What should demoralize our disgraced media more than anything else, though, is that their 25-year effort to shield Bill Clinton has failed miserably.

A whopping 59 percent now believe the allegations made by “several women who claim former President Bill Clinton sexually assaulted them.” Those allegations include sexual harassment, exposing himself, groping, and rape.

It gets worse…

Only 13 percent do not believe Clinton’s accusers.

According to Rasmussen, Trump is closing out Stormy Week with a very healthy 47 percent approval rating. At this same point in his failed presidency, Barack Obama the man the media sold all of their residual credibility for, was at 48 percent approval.

These numbers are just more proof that the America media have squandered all of their moral authority and with it, the ability to move public opinion.

It is not just that we no longer believe the media, we are also ignoring them. 

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