Nolte: NYT Reporter Amy Chozick Covered Up for Sexist Men in Hillary’s Campaign

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In a tell-all released almost 18 months after the fact, New York Times reporter Amy Chozick has finally decided to inform the public that she and other female journalists dealt with unwanted touching and other forms of sexism at the hands of Hillary Clinton’s male campaign staffers.

Chozick was embedded into Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign for the Times, and from various reviews of the book, she sounds exactly like you expect a New York Times political reporter to sound: a left-wing neurotic currently feeling guilty about covering Clinton’s scandals and desperately needy for Hillary’s attention.

“I still wanted, more than anything, for Hillary to see me as a fair reporter,” Chozick writes. “She really, really hates me,” Chozick whines. “The less I interacted with Hillary,” Chozick admits, “the greater her imperial hold on my brain became.”

What also comes as no surprise is that, even as the media were assailing Trump as a sexist during the campaign, Chozick covered up the real-time sexism she and other so-called reporters personally faced from male Hillary staffers.

According to Carlos Lozada’s review of Chozick’s upcoming book in the far-left Washington Post, Chozick is still covering up for these men. While the author identifies Hillary’s female staffers by name, she protects the men by using nicknames like Original Guy, Brown Loafers Guy, Policy Guy.

Overall, she refers to them as The Guys.

“The Guys constantly mess with Chozick, magnifying her self-doubts,” Lozada explains. “I don’t care what you write because no one takes you seriously,” Outsider Guy tells her.

While Chozick interprets these attempts to undermine her confidence as sexism, other episodes are so overt they required no interpretation.

“They ask if there are any other Times reporters, preferably male, that they could talk to instead of her,” Lozada writes, and then things got “gynecological”:

The undercurrent of sexism spills over when Chozick and Original Guy spar over whether a prior conversation can go on the record, and he randomly paraphrases a crude line from “Thank You for Smoking,” a 2005 film in which a reporter sleeps with a lobbyist for information. “I didn’t know I had to say it was off the record when I was inside you,” Original Guy smirks. (“The words hung there,” Chozick recalls, “so grossly gynecological.”)

According to Chozick, this sexism included unwanted touching, which was not just directed at her; it was so bad, other reporters nicknamed him “Hands Across America,” or “HAA” for short.

“HAA exhibited generally creepy behavior, but seemed more pitiful and effeminate than threatening, which is why I tried to ignore his rubbing up and down my back,” Chozick explains.

Nevertheless, according to Lozada, HAA is Clinton’s spiritual adviser, Burns Strider, and it would take Chozick until January 2018 to finally report on his behavior in a Times story laughably titled “Hillary Clinton Chose to Shield a Top Adviser Accused of Harassment in 2008.” What is laughable is that it was not just Hillary “shielding” this man; it was those who claim to be journalists.

Does anyone doubt these acts of overt sexism were covered up by our media so as not to derail the attacks on Trump, so as not to remind the public of Hillary’s willingness to attach herself to men who treat women like meat? (See: Clinton, Bill and Weiner, Anthony.)

Does anyone believe these same so-called reporters would have kept all of this a secret if a Republican staffer engaged in unwanted touching or got “gynecological”?

Our media are so corrupt, this information (which directly reflected on Hillary’s judgment and leadership) was not only kept a secret until it no longer mattered; Chozick is admitting she kept it a secret without fear of facing criticism from her peers.

Democrats sure got it good.

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