Politico Exposé on Stephen Miller: Third Grade Classmate Says ‘He Was Obsessed with Tape and Glue’

Stephen Miller 3rd Grade Class Photo

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller’s third grade classmate penned an op-ed for Politico, writing how President Trump’s loyal staffer “was obsessed with tape and glue.”

In the Politico op-ed, John Muller, who sat next to Miller in the third grade, described in detail how the senior adviser once played with glue and preferred other classmates not touch his belongings.

Muller writes in Politico:

He especially was obsessed with tape and glue. Along the midpoint of our desk, Stephen laid down a piece of white masking tape, explaining that it marked the boundary of our sides and that I was not to cross it. The formality of this struck me as odd. I was a fairly neat kid, at least at school, and I had never spread my things to his side of the desk. Stephen, meanwhile, could not have been much messier: His side of the desk was sticky and peeling, littered with scraps of paper, misshapen erasers and pencil nubs.

If this adhesive division kept Stephen on his side of the desk, I was all for it, as unfriendly as it seemed. But instead, the tape became an attractive nuisance. Stephen picked at it with his fingernails, methodically, in a mixture of absentmindedness and what seemed like channeled hostility. This process of effacement left a thin layer of sticky grime, not altogether dissimilar from the rest of Stephen’s desk.

Stephen rubbed his fingers over this layer of grime, rolling it into little gray pellets until it, too, was gone. Then he applied a new piece of tape, along with a renewed warning that I was not to cross it. Don’t rinse, but do repeat—for months.

The op-ed was aimed at portraying Miller — even as a child — as being infatuated with walling off his personal space and equating that with his support for a wall along the United States-Mexico border to stop illegal immigration.

Readers and commenters mocked the Politico op-ed, with one person joking “This is some journalism. 8-year-old Miller played with glue. Wow.”

Another commenter wrote, “You realize publishing asinine stories like this ruins your credibility, right?” while another wrote “LMAO great piece of “journalism” here.”

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder. 


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