‘Woke Nation’: Joe Scarborough Rebrands ‘The Resistance’ as Tea Party of 2018

Protesters demonstrating against President Donald Trump and his administration.
Getty Images: David McNew, Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP, Aaron P. Bernstein, Spencer Platt

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough coined a nickname Tuesday morning for the open-borders, Russia-crazed, socialist far left — “Woke Nation” — and compared this radical Democratic faction to the populist Tea Party of 2010.

Scarborough confidently predicted Tuesday that “Woke Nation” will propel Democrats to victory — though not necessarily in 2018. The Morning Joe host suggested that during the next presidential election cycle, the Democratic party would be “more pragmatic” than the Republican party in 2012, when establishment pick Mitt Romney failed to oust incumbent Barack Obama.

“2010 Tea Party, Meet 2018 Woke Nation,” Scarborough wrote, sharing a Commentary thinkpiece from Never-Trumper Noah Rothman which argues that progressives are hurting their midterm chances and bolstering Trump’s base because of their efforts to personally destroy anyone associated with him. However, Rothman concludes, Democrats will still likely win a majority in Congress. “A Democratic wave in November will propel to Congress a new cast of liberals who are beholden to ideological rigidity and constituencies that will punish aisle-crossing,” he writes.

Scarborough appeared to express hope that this left-wing hostility will subside in two years so that a “more pragmatic” Democratic party can make Trump a one-term president. “As in 2010, the most energized wing of the party will win in November,” he predicted. “The 2020 Democratic Party will be more pragmatic than the Tea Party and win the White House. Just wait and see.”

This isn’t the only bold prediction the frequent Trump critic has made this year. In an April op-ed for the Washington Post, Scarborough wrote he does not believe President Trump will seek re-election in 2020, citing a handful of Republican lawmakers reportedly unsure about his future. “Republican politicians seem just as baffled by the reality TV star’s future as they were the day he first launched this publicity stunt gone wildly wrong,” he said.

The former Republican congressman released a single in January inspired by the anti-Trump Woman’s March. The new song, “Stand,” is “dedicated to those who #Resist,” he wrote.


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