Establishment Media Sides with Countries Laughing at America at U.N.

Trump brings rare laughter to august UN summit

During President Trump’s speech in front of the United Nations (U.N.) on Tuesday, some audience members from other nations laughed at the president, leading many members of the establishment media to celebrate the laughter.

“In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country, Trump said. “America–it’s so true.”

At this point, some murmurs of laughter can be heard in the crowd. Trump then joked, “Didn’t expect that reaction, but that’s okay,” and continued with his speech.

The scene of members of the U.N., many of whom depend on the United States for protection and preservation of the world order, laughing at America, is in many ways pathetic.

And yet, this moment at the U.N. was apparently too much for many in the media to handle.

Washington Post reporter and NBC News analyst Philip Rucker tweeted, “Trump has long attacked Obama by claiming that the world was laughing at his leadership. Today, world leaders at the UN laughed at Trump’s claim that his administration has accomplished more than any in US history”:

“So it seems like world leaders at the United Nations just laughed at – not with – our American President in the first minute of his speech, when he repeated his rally line about his administration having accomplished more than almost any other in our history. This is not good,” CNN political analyst John Avlon tweeted:

MSNBC analyst Matthew Miller tweeted, “I can’t believe this isn’t an exaggeration, but the world is now literally laughing at us”:

NBC News contributor Frank Figliuzzi tweeted:

Check out all the media rhetoric:



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