CNN’s Joan Walsh Attacks Melania Trump — She ‘Continues to Whine’ Unlike Michelle Obama

CNN contributor Joan Walsh attacked Melania Trump on air Wednesday, saying that the first lady “continues to whine,” and claimed that she was getting favorable treatment compared to her predecessor Michelle Obama.

“Sometimes she spins things, or her people spin things, that she’s trying to be a good or a better influence,” Walsh said.

She continued, “I don’t know about that–but the thing that struck me about that interview, you know, again, she continues to whine about a situation that she’s part of, and it’s a great honor to be first lady.”

“And I’m sure privately you’re allowed to grouse, but you know, if Michelle Obama had done half the complaining that she has done in her limited interviews–she doesn’t do many — she’d be skewered.”

“There’s just like a constant sort of pity party when [Melania] gets in front of a microphone,” Walsh added.

CNN commentators have attacked the first lady in the past. In August, CNN’s Ana Navarro joked about Melania Trump suffering “oxygen deprivation to the brain.”

“damn, girlfriend’s lack of self-awareness & any sense of shame for her husband’s use of the Presidency to bully others is hard to ignore. Only plausible explanation here is, Melania suffered oxygen deprivation to the brain,” she said of the first lady.

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