Fox News’ Gerard Baker: ‘No Question’ White Supremacists See Trump ‘on Their Side’

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 08: Gerard Baker, Editor in Chief of The Wall Street Journal, poses for a photo after the opening bell of the NASDAQ stock exchange, on July 8, 2014 in New York City. The Wall Street Journal is celebrating its 125th anniversary today. (Photo by Andrew …
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Appearing Monday on the Fox News Channel’s The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino, Fox Business Network host Gerard Baker said there is “no question” that many white supremacists view President Donald Trump as “on their side.”

A partial transcript is as follows:

DANA PERINO: I wanted to read you this from David French at National Review saying that “I don’t think for one second that we can fi this new problem by yelling at social media companies to ‘do better’ — to demand that they block videos before they can be seen. It’s an impossible task. The Internet is too diffuse, and the technology of video broadcast too ubiquitous. There is no ability to effectively, instantaneously police abuse.” And I thought that was pretty interesting that [the New Zealand prime minister] said they didn’t even know about this guy until minutes before.

GERARD BAKER: David’s absolutely right. There’s a depressing routine we get into now with any of these incidents. When an Islamist kills, murders a large number of people in a terrorist attack, people on the right say, with justification, this is a real problem, this is a real problem with radical Islam. We have to deal with it, we have to get to the roots of it, we have to tackle it. People on the left say, oh, Islam is just a religion of peace and this is some kind of crazy person, and you know, we’ve just got to deal with the consequences.  When we get a white supremacist, like this, he kills a lot of Muslims, and it’s not been the first incident. There’s been a number. People on the right say, oh, it’s just one crazy person who’s mentally ill and people on the left say no, no, no this is a real problem with white supremacists.

I think that there’s no question that white supremacists, large numbers of white supremacists, see Donald Trump and other people like him as kind of on their side.


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