Nolte: White House Rewards Fake News with Appearances on CNN, NBC

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The White House has a historic opportunity within its grasp, but the moment is now, because right now the establishment media is as exposed as it has ever been or ever will be. That means that right now is the time for the White House to strike — to move the righteous war against fake news beyond sick burns on Twitter.

Which begs the question…

Is the White House truly outraged over a fake news media that spent two years colluding with the Dirty Cops in the FBI and the intelligence community to frame President Trump and his family as traitors, or not?

I don’t know about you, but when I look across the television landscape and see White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders rewarding NBC News with her presence the day after President Trump is cleared of collusion, and then see White House lawyer Rudy Giuliani rewarding CNN with his own presence, I start to wonder what’s going on.

Why would anyone in the White House, much less the press secretary and a marquee name like Giuliani, reward these lying gangsters in this way?

Huckabee-Sanders giving NBC a ratings boost —  what’s that about…?

Giuliani delivering precious YouTube moments to Chris Cuomo — well, that just pisses me off:

It was conservative media that got this right, that ignored the hysteria, that stood by the president, that debunked the establishment media’s deliberate attempt to hoax the public for two years. It was conservative media that kept Trump’s approval numbers from crashing into the impeachment Red Zone. … And who’s still getting all the hot guests and scoops and exclusives? The very worst of the very worst: NBC News and CNN.

This is outrageous, especially when conservative media now has the ability to do these interviews and to distribute and disseminate them just as broadly as the fake news.

And I’m not just thumping the tub for Breitbart News here. Much of conservative media has the infrastructure to get the message out.

Fake news outlets such as NBC News need to be treated like fake news.

Conspiracy theorists like CNN’s Chris Cuomo need to be treated like conspiracy theorists.

These outlets deliberately misled the American people for two years with the Russia Collusion Hoax and worse, as a means to feed the fire of that blazing lie, they bombarded us with one fake news “bombshell” after another.

CNN and NBC News have time and again proved they are not legitimate news outlets, and the White House needs to stop legitimizing and rewarding them with scoops and appearances.

Starve the illegitimate media.

Conservative media has built the infrastructure and reporting skills to not only step in for fake newsing thugs like Maggie Haberman, we have earned the opportunity.


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