Nolte: CNN’s 5-Hour Town Hall Event Is Another Ratings Catastrophe

Manchester, N.H. - Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar urged a more cautious approach than many of her Democratic rivals on impeachment, health care, college tuition, and student loans on Monday night in New Hampshire.

Suppose you put on a major political event and nobody came? That is exactly what happened to the far-left CNN’s five hour town hall event Tuesday night.

Now that the Mueller Report has exposed the media’s Russia Collusion Hoax — a hoax CNN led 24/7 for more than two years, the fake news outlet has watched its already-humiliating ratings further collapse in ways no one thought possible. This has forced the last place outlet to come up with programming gimmicks as a means to hold on.

CNN has been putting on town hall events for a while now. For example, there was Jake Tapper’s disastrous Let’s Boo a Rape Victim anti-Second Amendment town hall last year. This year, though, CNN has put on a series of town halls to benefit Democrat presidential candidates. These events are basically an hour of softball questions where CNN anchors go so far as to tell the studio audience to applaud for the Democrat.

The only problem, though, is that no one watches these town halls. Last week’s attracted only 491,000 viewers, about a fifth of what Fox News drew during that same hour with regular programming.

But because CNN only knows how to double and triple down on failure, some genius obviously said, “Hey, since no one watches our town halls, so why don’t we put on FIVE town halls!?!?!?!”

And that genius was probably CNN chief Jeff Zucker, who also happens to be the most shameless liar to ever run a news outlet.

Back in 2014 when he was asked why CNN was covering a missing Malaysian airliner to the point where speculation revolved around it being swallowed by a black hole, Zucker swaggered about how he and CNN are all about ratings, all about attracting viewers…

There are “stories that deserve more attention, that we all talk about,” Zucker said in an interview, “but we haven’t figured out how to engage the audience in that story in a meaningful way. When we do do those stories, there does tend to be a tremendous amount of lack of interest on the audience’s part.”

So, as you can see, Zucker was all about ratings in 2014. Yep, when his Precious Barry sat in the Oval Office and was lying about Benghazi, failing to stop the Russians from interfering in our elections, and losing the war against ISIS, Zucker only wanted to talk about how black holes were eating airplanes … because ratings.

But look at CNN’s position on ratings now that no one’s watching Zucker’s one-hour infomercials for Democrats. When it comes to boosting Democrats at the expense of Trump’s re-election chances, suddenly ratings no longer matter…

“CNN does not host presidential town halls for ratings,” the company huffed on Twitter after Trump ridiculed its basement viewership. “We host them because substantive conversations with presidential candidates inform and empower voters to make the best possible choices for their families and communities. And it’s the right thing to do.”

Oh, so when Barry is in office, the “right thing to do” is chase ratings. But now… NOW, all of a sudden CNN is all about “empower[ing] voters to make the best possible choices for their families and communities” because “it’s the right thing to do.”

What a crock of shit.

Anyway, CNN’s Tuesday night Town-Hall-a-Palooza fell flat on its fat face.

Throughout the evening the last place CNN remained in last place, averaging (according to Nielsen) a pathetic 1.2 million total viewers.

Airing their usual-usual programming, MSNBC trounced CNN with 1.8 million total viewers, while Fox News trounced everyone with 2.26 million viewers.

Sen. Amy “Please Clap” Klobuchar (D-MN) attracted only 869,000 viewers.

Sen. Elizabeth “Lieawatha” Warren (D-MA) barely cracked a million viewers with 1.18 million.

What had to be especially humiliating for CNN was the paltry 1.33 million who tuned into the town hall for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who just turned 847-years-old.

Just last week, twice as many people, 2.6 million, tuned into Bernie’s town hall on … Fox News.

Rounding out the night, gun-grabber Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) grabbed the most viewers of the evening with 1.44 million.

Mean little Mayor Pete Buttigieg collapsed back down to just 1.18 million viewers.

Someone joked on Twitter that CNN could improve its ratings if their anchors lit themselves on fire, but that’s something they’ve been doing every night for years now.


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