Nolte: Meghan McCain Calls for Blacklist of Alan Dershowitz


The hideous Meghan McCain is calling for Alan Dershowitz to be blacklisted from television.

Sounding exactly like the communists her own father sacrificed so much to fight, McCain said on ABC’s The View that Dershowitz must be blacklisted over “accusations” related to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein: “I also don’t think that people like Alan Dershowitz should be on TV right now while they’re being accused of being involved. A lot of people have a lot to answer for.”

How so very American of Meghan, to call for a man who vigorously claims to be falsely accused, a man who is fighting for transparency to prove his innocence, a man who is unambiguous about his innocence, to be silenced, shunned, and blacklisted — not after being found guilty of anything via due process, but because he has been accused of something.

Meghan is so divine.

No, really, she is Divine.

What exactly does Alan Dershowitz have to “answer for”?

Yes, he defended Jeffrey Epstein, and, along with Epstein’s other attorneys, Dershowitz successfully pushed to win that disgusting plea deal. But guess what that’s called — it’s called being a great defense attorney, and there is nothing more American than the right of the accused, even those accused of or guilty of the most appalling crimes, to hire a fierce advocate on their behalf.

Dershowitz not only did nothing wrong; he did exactly what the Constitution called on him to do.

Then there are the allegations of misconduct.

About five years ago, Dershowitz was accused of being a participant in Epstein’s underage sexcapades. But the famous attorney and Harvard law professor promptly sued the attorneys who made that claim, which resulted in them dropping the allegation after Dershowitz produced documents proving he could not have been where their client claimed he was during the supposed misconduct.

And now, five years later, another woman, Maria Farmer, is claiming Dershowitz took part in Epstein’s crimes all the way back in 1996. But Dershowitz has already answered these charges with another unambiguous denial.

“There is absolutely no overlap in the time between Ms. Farmer working for Epstein and my even knowing him,” Dershowitz told Breitbart News in April. “It’s just another example of perjury being used against me for financial gain.”

But Meghan McCain still wants Dershowitz blacklisted, still wants his voice silenced and his means of making a living cut off.

Is that it, Meghan… Is that all it takes for you to call on someone to be blacklisted — an accusation?

Hey, everyone, Meghan robbed my house and killed my dog.

Can we get her off TV now?

We all know what this is really about, including Dershowitz.

Leftists like Meghan McCain aren’t angry at Dershowitz for his defense of a convicted sex criminal; they’re angry at him for his defense of Donald Trump against the media’s Russia Collusion Hoax.

You can defend all the convicted sex criminals you want and no one on The View will call for you to be blacklisted.

Hell, you can be a convicted sex criminal and The View harridans will defend you, will tell the world that rape is not rape-rape.

But if you defend Donald Trump, it is off with your head.

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