Nolte: CNN’s Typhoid Kaitlan Collins Caught Removing Mask After White House Briefing

CNN's Kaitlan Collins cleans a seat in the James Brady Briefing Room before President Donald Trump speaks about the coronavirus, Monday, March 23, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

CNNLOL staffer Kaitlan Collins was caught removing her mask as soon as Friday’s White House press briefing ended, video shows.

Collins, a left-wing showboater and homophobe who uses the occasion of the briefings to heckle whomever’s at the podium, including the president, ripped off her mask in a room full of fellow journalists the moment the briefing ended.

Apparently, she believed the cameras were off.

You can watch for yourself here:

What’s amazing is that when she was seated, she would not have been a danger to anyone with her mask off. She was far enough away from everyone in the room for the duration of the briefing.

The only time Typhoid Katilin actually was a danger to others is when she stood up and exited the briefing room. This is the only time she got close to others in the room, and — incredibly — this is the exact time she chose to remove her mask.

What’s happening here is obvious. For weeks the American people LMFAO’d at a fake news media who attempted to shame others, including President Trump, into wearing masks, as they sat there in the briefing room with their smug faces unmasked. So now, they’re finally wearing masks during the briefings, but as we can see from what Collins did, the masks are only the latest symbol of media resistance.

Of course, if I had a face like Collins, I’d always wear a mask … for the children. But that’s another matter.

But why would Typhoid Kaitlan remove her mask at the exact time when she should have been wearing a mask, as she walked so closely among others?

Because like her colleague Typhoid Fredo Cuomo, she’s a soulless, sociopathic narcissist who doesn’t care who dies, as long as she’s comfortable.

Once the video of Typhoid Kaitlan went viral, Trump accurately ripped her as a “faker“:

Naturally, the homophobic Collins crybaby’d back with the pathetic excuse she had only removed her mask for six seconds.

‘[T]he president is tweeting about me pulling my mask down for six seconds on Friday,” she whined.

To begin with, we don’t know it was only six seconds. We don’t know when she replaced the mask, and let’s not forget Collins is a proven liar.

What’s more, if you notice, Collins doesn’t rip the mask off like it’s a temporary thing, like she’s adjusting it, or something. Instead, she rips the mask off like an actress liberated from an uncomfortable wig after the final curtain goes down. So there’s no reason to believe she put it back on; there doesn’t appear to be any reason she removed it other than to remove it, other than to say, I’m glad that performance is over. Hope it fooled all the rubes at home.

But again, even if you take the gay-basher at her word, even if you accept she only removed the mask for six seconds… Why those six seconds?

She only wore the mask when she would not have been a threat without the mask.

She only removed the mask when she was an actual threat to others without the mask — when she actually should have been wearing the mask.

So even if you take the serial-lying homophobe at her word, the behavior is still that of an unfeeling sociopath.

Like Chris Cuomo’s staged exit from his quarantine, a laughable and provable piece of fake news, these masks are just more CNN fakery.

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