Nolte: Corporate Media’s Brian Sicknick Hoax Debunked by D.C. Medical Examiner

Brian Sicknick
U.S. Capitol Police

Without evidence, America’s corporate media spent weeks hoaxing the American public with the lie Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick died after an anti-vote-fraud protester smashed him in the head with a fire extinguisher during the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

After the fire extinguisher hoax was debunked, the corporate media spread the lie that Sicknick probably died as a result of the riot, maybe from pepper spray or something.

On Monday the Washington D.C., medical examiner proved once and for all that the corporate media are a vile gang of liars who need to be ignored by the American people:

The D.C. chief medical examiner has ruled that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick suffered two strokes and died of natural causes the day after he took part in defending the Capitol during the Jan. 6 riots[.]…

Last month, two men were arrested and charged with assaulting Sicknick. They each face nine counts related to the Capitol attack, including the assault of Sicknick and two other federal agents with a chemical irritant.

Medical examiner Francisco J. Diaz, in an interview with the Post, said that Sicknick’s autopsy did not find any evidence that the 42-year-old officer suffered an allergic reaction to the chemical substance, which Diaz said would have caused Sicknick’s throat to seize.

It was all lies, because all the corporate media do is lie. Anything to attack former President Trump, anything to attack Trump supporters, and these lies all came from the very same fake media have been almost completely silent about a Capitol Police Officer who was even more recently murdered by an “attack on democracy.”

Gee, was it just a few weeks ago that a Nation of Islam follower used his car to mow down Capitol Officer Billy Evans? Why yes, yet it was. Boy, that story sure disappeared quick.

Another reason the media spread the fire extinguisher lie about Sicknick was to rig that second stupid and useless impeachment trial against Trump, this one conducted days after he left office.

All the corporate media do is lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, and then lie some more.

There is nothing these scumbags won’t lie about, and it is long past time for the rest of us to put them on IGNORE.

Stop reacting to them, stop watching, reading, and listening to them… IGNORE these godforsaken liars, because all they do is rig elections, burn down predominantly black neighborhoods, start riots, and try to make you feel depressed and outnumbered.

IGNORE these lying bastards. Your life will immediately improve. Guaranteed.


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