Nolte: Seven Ethical Scandals in One Year for CNN’s Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo

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In just a little over a year, CNN’s Chris “Fredo” Cuomo has been embroiled in no fewer than seven ethical scandals, and has not paid a professional price for a single one of them.

This is indicative of not just how broken and corrupt Fredo and CNNLOL are, but also the corporate media as a whole. Fredo proves the media are no longer interested in retaining credibility with the public. Instead, the media feel so threatened by New Media, it’s all about protecting one another and owning the Trumptards, even if that means allowing a full-blown disgrace like Chris Cuomo to retain his lofty, unearned status amongst them.

The scandals listed below are not small deals or nitpicking. Fifteen years ago, Cuomo would have been shown the door at CNNLOL, removed for what he is, a growing cancer on the CNNLOL brand and the overall media profession.

Fredo has not only not been fired for his lies and disregard for all things journalism, he hasn’t even been disciplined. He has, though, been promoted and offered a new contract.

  1. Advised His Disgraced Governor-Brother on Political Strategy Calls

Fredo’s most recent ethical scandal is a doozy. While posing as an objective news anchor, behind the scenes Fredo was on the phone with his brother, Gov. Andrew “Grandma Slayer” Cuomo (D-NY), and Andrew’s staff to help Big Brother out with the onslaught of credible scandals that have already killed Big Brother’s presidential aspirations.

Think about this…

Fredo has so little respect for his profession and for CNNLOL and is so sure he will never face any discipline, he was conformable participating on these calls with others knowing these others could leak it — which they did.

But Fredo was right, nothing happened to him.

  1. Refusing to Wear Mask While Shaming Others Who Refuse to Wear Masks

Fredo’s been repeatedly caught refusing to wear a mask even as he frequently launches into tirades on his basement-rated show against those who do the same. He’s such a Mask Nazi, he wants the vaccinated to continue to wear masks.

Everyone should wear masks at all times … except Fredo Cuomo.

  1. Enjoyed VIP Coronavirus Testing

During the worst of the coronavirus pandemic in the Ground Zero that was New York, Fredo benefited from his brother-governor’s VIP testing service where scarce resources were wasted testing Governor Brother’s friends and family.

Talk about privilege.

  1. Violated Coronavirus Quarantine While Infected with Coronavirus

While Fredo was still infected with the coronavirus and knew he was infected, he decided to violate his own brother-governor’s quarantine orders (and every form of human decency) for a jaunt out to the Hamptons.

The man is a sociopath.

  1. Staged Exit of His Basement Quarantine

Although Fredo did not quarantine himself in his basement (see #4), CNNLOL still allowed him to stage a phony emergence from his basement as though he were leaving it for the first time since his diagnosis.

  1. Lying About Basement Quarantine

Night after night after night, Fredo pretended to be selflessly quarantined in his basement when he was not (see #4).

  1. Interviewing His Own Brother

For weeks, CNNLOL allowed Fredo to interview his own brother, the governor of the state hit hardest with the coronavirus.

Never in the history of the media has such an ongoing and brazen conflict of interest been allowed, and it was all politics, a way of burnishing Governor Brother for the presidency and glossing over the myriad of Andrew Cuomo scandals CNNLOL wanted ignored until after the 2020 presidential election.

I guess it’s easy to read the above and get angry, but you really shouldn’t.

To me this is all wonderful… Anything that helps to undermine and destroy the moral authority and credibility of the corporate media is a wonderful, and CNNLOL and the establishment media-at-large tolerating and shielding a cancer like Chris Cuomo does exactly that.

So don’t get angry. Revel in the brazen corruption. I promise you it’s only a plus in the righteous war to defeat the corrupt media.

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