Nolte: Media Matters Forced to Retract Fake Story Smearing Texas Republican

AP Photo/Danny Johnston

Media Matters for America, a tax-exempt, far-left hate group that generates anti-GOP talking points for Democrats and the establishment media, was forced to retract a fake story that falsely smeared a Texas Republican legislator.

Published Tuesday, the fake Media Matters story falsely claimed Republican Texas State Sen. Bob Hall made an appearance “on the program of a white nationalist, pro-Hitler outlet that denies the Holocaust.”

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, Why would a Texas Republican appear on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) podcast?

That’s a fair question, but not what happened.

The program is actually called The Barnes Review History Hour, or TBR History Hour, which I’ve never heard of. Still, Media Matters apparently listens to it, which makes them devoted listeners of “a white nationalist, pro-Hitler outlet that denies the Holocaust,” amiright?

Anyway, Hall did not appear on the program. My guess is that like the rest of us, he’s never even heard of the show.

What’s more, the TBR History Hour apparently hates the Texas Republican so much, that to ridicule and humiliate him they, according to Media Matters, “faked the interview, falsely claiming they had interviewed Hall by splicing in previous interviews Hall had given to other outlets and making it seem like he was responding to questions from TBR.”

Knowing how frequently Media Matters lies, I’m not going to accept their description of the TBR History Hour at face value. But for argument’s sake, let’s assume they are every bit as evil as Media Matters claims… Isn’t it funny how antisemites always hate on Republicans and love Democrats?

Well, Media Matters, by its own admission, fell for this splice job and let fly the dogs of fake news.

“GOP Texas state Sen. Bob Hall complained about critical race theory on the program of a white nationalist, pro-Hitler outlet that denies the Holocaust,” screamed the original headline. What followed was 800 words of indignation, like this:

The Barnes Review is a white nationalist outlet that publishes pieces such as “In Defense of Adolf Hitler,” “Why the Holocaust Story Was Invented,” and “Defending Dixie.” Texas state Sen. Bob Hall (R) recently gave a long radio interview to the outlet in which he complained about critical race theory and encouraged listeners to get involved in the Republican Party and participate in local politics, including with school boards.

How do you not engage in some basic journalism to fact-check a story that is what’s known as “Too good to be true” if you’re a rabid leftist?

How hard would be it be to call a local politician’s office?

Did no part of anyone’s instincts over there make them skeptical?

But why should Media Matters care? They never pay a penalty for this behavior. In fact, Democrats and the media appreciate these lies.

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