Nolte: Far-left Axios Is Mad Conservatives Are Building Their Own Internet

"Right wing builds its own echo chamber," the far-left, fake news site Axios warned in a recent headline.
John Schnobrich via Unsplash

“Right wing builds its own echo chamber,” the far-left, fake news site Axios warned in a recent headline.

They cancel us, they blacklist us, they shadow ban us, they memory-hole inconvenient truths about Hunter Biden’s laptop, Kyle Rittenhouse’s innocence, and the coronavirus lab-leak theory, and now they’re all butthurt because we refuse to sit there, shut up, and take it.

Hey, can you blame them?

After decades of dealing with the right’s castrated, house-trained McCains, Romney’s, Bushes, Kristols, and National Reviews, the media are still shell-shocked over this new generation’s awesome belligerence towards them (which our founder Andrew Breitbart deserves much credit for). And so, like a mob of fat, comfortable, uptight Margaret Dumonts in the face of Groucho Marx, the media’s jaws still drop when our response to their shame campaigns is a middle finger and poke in the eye.

Good grief, did these fucking fascists honestly believe they could blacklist a former President of the United States, and we would sit there and do nothing? Did these fucking Nazis seriously think they could monopolize the public square and then blacklist fundamental truths about things like biological sex, and we would just roll over like a Jonah Goldberg?

Here’s Axios’ bottom line, which these idiots actually label “bottom line:”

The bottom line: Conservative media has been a powerhouse for a long time, but this phase of its expansion isn’t just about more or louder conservative voices — it’s about building an entire conservative ecosystem.

Hahahaha, that’s right, bitch— and now you can slurp on it.

Think about how helpless Axios feels. Their only response is “echo chamber” and accusing Gettr of obtaining funding from a Chinese billionaire—as though everything from Joe Biden’s presidency to his Depends is not funded by the Chinese; as though almost every corporate media news outlet is not attached to a multinational whoring itself to the Chinese; as though Axios itself is not getting all kinds of Chinese blood money through its HBO/WarnerMedia show (that no one watches).

This is the beauty of building our own thing. All these filthy crooks can do is sputter out their helplessness. But, best of all, they sputter it from their own velvet echo chambers.

Axios complaining about echo chambers is like the sun complaining about yellow.

Yes, of course, we will build our own thing, you fascist Nazis.

That’s what free people do; that’s what the human spirit is engineered to do. Even in the Soviet Union, even under Nazi occupation, people never stopped fighting to be free, to live in a country where they could say and do whatever they wanted. If Hitler and Stalin couldn’t stop us, do you think a bunch of snobby “journalists” and a pasty, dead-eyed freak like Mark Zuckerberg will?

If we have to, we’re going to build our own banks, our own Internet, our own satellites, our own whatever-the-fuck-we-have-to because fuck you.

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