Watch: Establishment Media Attack Trump-Appointed Florida Judge for Ending Travel Mask Mandate

The Establishment Media expressed their anger towards the Trump-appointed Florida judge who ordered the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to not enforce mask mandates while traveling.

“She’s actually crossing the lines of public health,” one figure quipped about Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle’s decision, while another questioned, “Do you really want to handcuff the CDC and other public health agencies?”

Other media personalities, such as Late Show host Stephen Colbert and MSNBC’s Joy Reid, both vilified Mizelle by repeating that she was “not qualified” to serve as a judge citing an American Bar Association’s (ABA) report that stated such. However, the ABA also rejected Republican lawmakers’ claims that recently confirmed Supreme Court appointee Ketanji Brown Jackson was “soft on crime” despite the fact she sentenced a man to three months in prison for viewing child pornography in 2013.

After Mizelle’s ruling on Monday, the Biden administration announced it would not enforce the mandate through the TSA, stating it would challenge Mizelle’s ruling only if the Center for Disease and Control (CDC) recommended it — which they did, on Wednesday.


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