Nolte: Washington Post Reporter Felicia Sonmez’s Public Self-Immolation Was a Joy to Watch

FILE - In this Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019, file photo, people walk by the One Franklin Square
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File, Felicia Sonmez/Twitter

Felicia Sonmez’s public temper tantrum ended with her being fired by the Washington Post Thursday, and we all got a chance to witness it.

Is this a great country or what?

Imagine how insufferably woke one must be to get fired by the insufferably woke Washington Post.

What we witnessed was a spoiled baby, someone who has spent her entire life bullying, threatening, hurling emotional blackmail, and posing as a victim, finally going too far.

Felicia’s pride finally did her in. All she had to do was nothing. That’s it. But her pride wouldn’t allow that. In her woke-ravaged mind, doing nothing would be an admission she was wrong to attack her colleagues and employer publicly. So, to prove she was right and convince herself she was right, she lit herself on fire.

What an idiot.

She’d already succeeded in getting her colleague Dave Weigel suspended for a month without pay—and over nothing more than a clever joke: “Every girl is bi. You just have to figure out if it’s sexual or polar.” She violated various Post policies regarding public behavior by publicly ripping Weigel and still won. She had her scalp and should have walked off the field. Instead, another colleague hit her last nerve. Jose De Real dared criticize her for publicly attacking Weigel and the Post, and she lost her ever-loving mind.

That man!

That MAN!

How dare he!

I’ll boil his bunny!            

What happened next was beyond entertaining. Day after day after day, for nearly a week, she poured gasoline all over herself, slipped her head in a noose, lit a match, kicked away the stool, and immolated her name, reputation, and career prospects in a public tantrum for the ages, one that could only come from a baby who knows she’s wrong, can’t accept it, and intends to cover up that fact with brazen ugliness.

I’ll prove I’m right by showing you how much I believe I’m right!

Sorry, babe, real life doesn’t work that way.

Sonmez has already sued the Post once and lost.

This tantrum will march on with another suit against the Post for “wrongful termination.”

So, yay for us! This is not over!

Other than giant legal bills, what’s next for Baby Felicia?

Who would hire such an unprofessional, narcissistic, litigious troublemaker? Baby Felicia is an unexploded grenade. Who wants that in the workplace?

Oh, she could go the Substack route, but who’s her audience?

The real pleasure comes from knowing how delighted the Post is to finally be rid of this woke cancer. Every tweet must have put a big, fat smile on management’s face, knowing she was serially violating company policy despite repeated warnings.

Baby Felicia was fired for insubordination, attacking, and disparaging her colleagues—and the documentation is all right there on her verified Twitter account.

Part of being an adult — a well-rounded, relatively happy adult — is to admit when you’re wrong, cut your losses, apologize, and move on. No one ever taught Baby Felicia that. Instead, she was coddled, babied, spoiled, and condescended to. And now she’s a national joke.

Someone didn’t love Baby Felicia enough to force her to grow up, and now she’s a neurotic, unhappy, unemployed villain.

Hopefully, she’ll learn from this, but I doubt it. Maybe some others will.

Either way, thanks for making Twitter fun again, Felicia.


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