Affleck Struggles To Name One Obama Accomplishment

Affleck Struggles To Name One Obama Accomplishment

O’REILLY: If you had to point to one thing about President Obama that he’s accomplished that has impressed you, what would it be.

AFFLECK: Well, I mean, accomplished —

O’REILLY: Pick one.

AFFLECK: — makes it sound tricky because he’s advocated — and he’s tried to do a number of things and he’s been stymied. His major policy goal of changing the tax structure so that the wealthy pay their fair share, to me, is of towering importance. I think the surplus was —

O’REILLY: Do you believe in income redistribution. Do you believe in —

AFFLECK: Anytime we change the tax code doesn’t necessarily have to be income redistribution —

O’REILLY: No, no. But I mean, if it’s taken from the guys like you and me.

AFFLECK: — coming from the images of Eugene Debs and socialism, I mean, that’s not what I’m talking about —

O’REILLY: No, no, no.

AFFLECK: — changing the tax code a little bit.