House Intelligence Committee Chair: Obama's 'Indecision' On Syria 'Dangerous' To U.S.

House Intelligence Committee Chair: Obama's 'Indecision' On Syria 'Dangerous' To U.S.

BOB SCHIEFFER, CBS HOST: The President said in Israel that if we find out that they had used chemical weapons that would be, his phrase was “game changer.” He said before that just moving chemical weapons around would be a red line for us. What do you think he meant by that? Does he mean we’re going to take military action if they are using chemical weapons or, as he said, if some are “moving them around?”

CONGRESSMAN MIKE ROGERS, MICHIGAN: It was August 20th of 2011 he said that both moving and/or using would change the U.S. calculus. I think it is abundantly clear that red line has been crossed.


CONGRESSMAN ROGERS: Absolutely. It’s interesting, in the Senate you see a Democrat and a Republican coming out saying, “We have to do something.” In the House the same, Republicans and Democrats coming out saying, “We’re gonna do something.” Now is the time. If we’re going to have any hope for any diplomatic solution and stop that wholesale slaughter, up to 70,000 and more, in Syria — which is now spilling up to the North steps of Israel. It’s causing huge problems in Jordan, Turkey, this is a growing destabilizing event in the Middle East. The fact that they have, I think, put chemical weapons in a position to use, and I believe have some intent and at some course during the last two years have used some quantity of chemical weapons, this needs to be a game changer. You know, the President went to the Middle East and said, “This is a hard decision. If I go in it might be wrong, if I don’t go in it might be wrong.” Indecision in this case is dangerous to the United States.