2016: Rubio Won't Seek Re-Election to Senate if He Makes Presidential Bid

2016: Rubio Won't Seek Re-Election to Senate if He Makes Presidential Bid

In a wide-ranging interview that aired on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show on Wednesday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) insisted that he will make a decision early in 2015 on whether to seek the presidency. But he also said he would not seek re-election to the U.S. Senate at the same time, dismissing the idea of having “an exit strategy” if he seeks the Oval Office in 2016.

HEWITT: You made some news today saying you’d decide on a presidential run about a year from now. Isn’t that a little bit late?

RUBIO: Around this time next year is what I said, and you know, I think that’s around the time I’ll have to make a decision about something, I mean, because I’ll either have to run for reelection, or not run for anything, or run for another office. So again, I don’t think there’s an individual date in mind for anybody. Everybody has their own timetable, but around this time next year.

HEWITT: Now senator, I’m just curious about Florida law. Can you seek both reelection to the Senate and the presidential nomination? Joe Lieberman could…

RUBIO: No, you can’t be on the ballot for two different offices, so … and I think that’s the right law.

HEWITT: Do you think it would be okay for you to seek the presidency, if it didn’t work out, then switch back to the Senate, because I mean, people hate…

RUBIO: I haven’t even thought that far ahead. You know, I think by and large, when you choose to do something as big as that, you’ve really got to be focused on that and not have an exit strategy.

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