Mark Levin Slams 'Sleazy' Thad Cochran for Using Wife in Campaign Commercials

Mark Levin Slams 'Sleazy' Thad Cochran for Using Wife in Campaign Commercials

On his Tuesday radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin took on the controversy surrounding Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) and the allegations that his opponent, Republican senatorial hopeful State Sen. Chris McDaniel’s campaign was implicated in a rogue operative taking images of Cochran’s wife, who is suffering from dementia at a Mississippi nursing home.

Levin charged Cochran was not taking his position seriously in that he and his executive assistant had taken “junkets.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, whatever label people give themselves, Cochran doesn’t deserve to be reelected,” Levin said. “He’s been a terrible senator – terrible. Not only voting the wrong way time and time and time again, he does not take his position seriously. He takes junket after junket after junket. His executive assistant is his girlfriend. She’s on the payroll and by that, I mean they travel together. And apparently if I read correctly he lives in her basement, or whatever. What’s that all about?”

Levin went to ask if the American and particularly the people of Mississippi could do better than Cochran. But then he took on Cochran using the incident involving people taking photos of his suffering wife, which is being treated as a crime, and using it to further his reelection campaign.

“We have to better than this,” he added. “This is just sleazy. The country deserves better than this. And he’s running commercials now, Cochran, with his Washington, D.C. consultants trying to tie his opponent, who is a wonderful conservative, a Reaganite – McDaniel, Chris McDaniel to a scandal in that state, where a couple of people went into that nursing home – took I believe photos or videos of his wife, were going to make some kind of issue out of that. What issue, I can’t imagine. It’s very diabolical.”

“A couple of them have been indicted by the District Attorney,” he continued. “But the District Attorney put out a statement that the best he could tell there was no linkage to the McDaniel campaign. McDaniel has said there is no linkage to this campaign. And in fact his campaign was the first to blow the whistle and criticize this. So Thad Cochran is running commercials trying to tie McDaniel to this scandal involving his wife in the nursing home. Does it get any lower than that? No, it doesn’t.”

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