Dean: 'Incompetent' GOP Will 'Get Their Butts Kicked' in 2014 Midterms

Dean: 'Incompetent' GOP Will 'Get Their Butts Kicked' in 2014 Midterms

On Wednesday’s “NOW w/Alex Wagner,” former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT), the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, attacked Republicans on Capitol Hill on multiple grounds, including on ethics and what he considered to be a do-nothing Congress.

Dean, however, made the extraordinary prediction this would come back to haunt the GOP as soon as this November’s midterms.

“I just think the Republican Congress is incompetent,” Dean said. “They’re incompetent and they’re untrustworthy. We’re paying them. They are doing nothing. They might as well just go home. And you know, they did do something — yesterday the Ethics Committee decided to make it easier to hide the taxpayer’s money you spend when you take a congressional trip. These guys need to go and I think they get their butts kicked in November. People are sick of this. They may like or may not like Barack Obama. There hasn’t been a debate about policy, a serious debate about policy last six months or a year. And I think that the American people are just disgusted. I’m certainly disgusted with them. I question their patriotism, really. I mean, we’re paying them to do something and they are doing nothing.”

Later Dean added the demonstration in Murrieta, CA in which protestors blocked the transport of illegal immigrants from being detained locally was something that will resonate with Hispanic voters and cost Republicans additionally.

“I think it’s a disaster for the Republicans,” he added. “I think this big demonstration that they had blocking the immigrants from being detained at some center in California — every Hispanic voter in America is watching that. And they know those aren’t Democrats out there demonstrating. I think basically what happened in California under Pete Wilson is happening in the United States and I actually think it’s irreversible. If that gets the turnout out in the congressional election, do have a shot at taking both the House and the Senate.”

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