GOP to Obama: 'Put Down Your Pen and Phone'

GOP to Obama: 'Put Down Your Pen and Phone'

On Saturday, incoming House majority whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) used the weekly Republican address to tell President Obama to “put down your pen and phone” and adopt the bills that have already been passed by the House. 

Scalise said, “Every time they say no, every time they pick their interests over yours, they hold our economy hostage, and with it, our chance to make sure our kids will have the same shot at the American dream.”

Scalise concluded, “Democrats running Washington don’t seem to get it. They block bill after bill that would expand energy production, would lower gas prices, and create jobs. There are nearly 300 House-passed bills collecting dust in the Senate today – more than 40 of them specifically focused on creating jobs.”

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