Jeff Sessions: W.H. Immigration Proposals 'Huge Error,' 'Will Bring Down Wages'

Jeff Sessions: W.H. Immigration Proposals 'Huge Error,' 'Will Bring Down Wages'

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) sharply criticized President Barack Obama’s proposed “executive amnesty” and granting of refugee status to illegal immigrant children coming from Central America.

On Friday’s “Mark Levin Show,” Sessions said, “[the president] is proposing a definition of refugee status and conducting it in such a way that people are being given refugee status that should never be given it.” He added that the refugee proposal and its underlying logic of granting refugee status to anyone from a dangerous area of the world would be a “huge error that will be uncontrollable,” and “very dangerous and a further erosion of any ability of this nation to maintain a lawful system of immigration.”

He also stated that allowing massive amounts of illegal immigrants to work in the nation will “increase unemployment” and decrease wages. “The Congressional Budget Office reported it will bring down wages, and we already have an unprecedented decline in wages, a significant part of that decline in the last 30 years is the result of this very high level of immigration,” he asserted. “If President Obama’s new executive amnesty, his pen amnesty were to occur, 6 million people would be given work authorization… and it would just increase unemployment.”

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