Coulter, Hannity Spar over GOP

Coulter, Hannity Spar over GOP

Talk radio host and Fox News anchor Sean Hannity and columnist Ann Coulter got into a debate about the relationship between conservatives and the Republican Party on Hannity’s Tuesday radio broadcast.

Coulter argued that “you have to vote Republican, even for crap-ass Republicans.”  

After Hannity said that Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) was one of them, the two debated the speaker’s lawsuit against President Obama.  

Coulter stated, “I love his lawsuit against the president,” while Hannity predicted the lawsuit would be thrown out.  Coulter responded “why are we attacking Republicans right now? There are a lot of bad Republicans, there are no good Democrats, the country is in the balance, you have to vote Republican right now.”

Hannity rebutted “I want a party, a second party, with bold color differences,” to which Coulter shot back, “nobody’s ever perfect,” and accusing Hannity of “talking into the wind.”  

Hannity then asserted “then the country’s going downhill regardless of who’s in power,” and Coulter re-iterated “all that matters is that we have to vote Republican.”

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