Steyn: 'Prissy, Preening' Obama Is the 'JV Player'

Steyn: 'Prissy, Preening' Obama Is the 'JV Player'

Mark Steyn, columnist and author of “Lights Out: Islam, Free Speech And The Twilight of the West,”  blasted President Barack Obama’s foreign policy on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.  

Steyn characterized Obama’s beliefs on the war on terror as “if he doesn’t acknowledge it, it’s not happening.” And that “simply standing there and prissily unleashing some faculty lounge bromide makes it so.”

He added “if there is a JV player on the court at the moment, if you ask Putin, if you ask the mullahs, if you ask the Chinese Politburo, if you ask ISIS, if you ask every rinky-dink jihadist on the outskirts of Benghazi, who the JV player is on court, they’re going to have no problem telling you it’s President Obama. A man who’s shredded American foreign policy and left Al Qaeda, ISIS, and its affiliates running around, gambling across a vast swath of territory from West Africa to Afghanistan that’s the JV player on the court today.” 

Steyn further attacked the president’s dismissal of ISIS as “JV,” saying “this is why they’re not the JVs and it’s a stupid analogy. they’ve merged Al Qaeda and the Taliban so they’re an ideological global terror network that controls a sovereign state … they’ve taken over a developed state that had money in its bank vaults, they control oil, they control advanced weaponry…and for the president a couple months before they really got going to be sneering at them that they were just some kind of Little League team I think reveals not just his own stupidity, but the lack of any strategic clarity in the White House at all.”

He concluded “to have a prissy, preening narcissist standing up and saying ‘well, ISIS has no place in the 21st century’ as if it’s some ghastly social faux pas like wearing white after Labor Day, this is completely ridiculous, Sean, it’s completely inadequate to what’s happening.”

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