TX Lt Gov-Elect: Hispanics ‘Want Law and Order on the Border’

TX Lt Gov-Elect: Hispanics ‘Want Law and Order on the Border’

Texas State Senator and Lt. Governor-elect Dan Patrick argued that Hispanic voters “want law and order on the border” on Saturday’s “Huckabee” on the Fox News Channel.

Patrick credited his success among Hispanic voters (he received 46% of the vote among Hispanics) to the fact that “we treat people as people  not as groups as the Democrats do. And Hispanic voters are concerned about property taxes and school choice and educational and economic opportunities. And they want law and order on the border.”

He also spoke about the impact of illegal immigration on the state of Texas, saying “Last year, Governor, on average, we apprehended more people crossing the border illegally each week than are born in Texas each week. Now, we think we get 4 or 5. That means for every child born in Texas 4 or 5 are coming here illegally. That would put the number at just one year at about a million and a half.” And “our real concern is about terrorists and criminals. We arrested over 143,000 hardened criminals and we charged them with a half a million crimes including 5,000 rapes and over 2,000 murders in just a four year period [note: Texas’ figures on criminal alien apprehensions and charges are over a six year period.] We apprehended hundreds of people from countries of interest. From Syria, from Pakistan, from Somalia. This is an issue of national security.”

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