Breitbart’s Nolte: Lena Dunham Letting ‘Barry One’ ‘Twist in the Wind’ with Rape Allegation

On Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, Breitbart Editor at Large John Nolte explained what led him to investigate the rape allegations detailed in Lena Dunham’s book “Not That Kind of Girl,” in which she claimed to have been raped by a “prominent Republican” while a student at Oberlin College in Ohio.

“They got busted because they now want us to believe that five details in her book that directly connected to a real life person were just made up,” Nolte said. “And those five details are that this man’s name is Barry, he was a Republican, and he was a prominent Republican at Oberlin. He was a prominent Republican when she was there. And he worked at the library. So they’re saying these were just made up and this is just some sort of wild coincidence.”

Nolte’s explanation was dismissed by host Sean Hannity’s other guest, Fox News Channel regular Tamara Holder, who called Nolte “creepy.” However, Nolte said he was led to the Oberlin College campus to investigate the matter because it was a matter of Dunham’s refusal to exonerate “Barry” who had claimed to be innocent of those charges.

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