Chomsky: Reagan ‘An Extreme Racist’

Chomsky: Reagan ‘An Extreme Racist’

Professor and political activist Noam Chomsky argued that “Ronald Reagan was an extreme racist” on GRITtv’s “The Laura Flanders Show” broadcast on Tuesday.

“this is a very racist society, I mean it’s pretty shocking” he declared, before launching into a discussion on the post-Civil War era in the United States. 

He continued that after World War II, “[came] about two decades in which African-Americans had a, kind of a shot at entering the society. A black worker could get a job in an auto plant, the unions were still functioning…by the 1970s or 80s, it’s going back to criminalization of black life, it’s called the drug war, which is a racist war. Ronald Reagan was an extreme racist, didn’t hide it, and the whole drug war, so-called is designed from policing, up to eventual release from prison to make it impossible for the black male community, and more and more women, and more and more Hispanics to be part of the society.”

Chomsky concluded “take a look at the election, say the last election, in many ways it’s the Civil War, the red states are the Confederacy.”

(h/t Daily Caller)

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