DHS Chief Admits Once Forgetting Pledge of Allegiance

Thursday at the Profession Services Council in Arlington, VA, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told the story of once forgetting the pledge of allegiance.

“We said the pledge of allegiance here,” Johnson recounted. “I know the pledge of allegiance, like everybody here does. There’s a period where I actually forgot the pledge of allegiance, I hesitate to say this. Um in New York City they have this wonderful program called Principal for a Day’ at least they did, and when I was  General Counsel  for the Air Force, I was principal for the day at P.S. 143 in Corona, Queens where I went to kindergarten. And when your principal for the day you get to speak on the PA and make the morning announcements and so I was giving the morning announcements for the principal at P.S 143 and she said, ‘and now students we will have Mr Johnson say the pledge of allegiance.’ And It had been, I don’t know how long, since I said the pledge of allegiance, I’m a trial lawyer, I’m not usually at a loss for words. But I now know how to say the pledge of allegiance.”

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