GOP Rep: 30 Percent of Terrorists Released Go Back Into Fight

Wednesday on Fox New Channel’s “Happening Now,”  Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) said up to 30 percent of the prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay are returning to fight in the war on terror.

“Between 25-30 percent of these individuals end up back on the battlefield and those are there ones we know about,” he said. “So we know those why hold in custody, the remaining 150, are  the worst of the worst. Now we also know the president is obsessed with the idea of getting them out of the United States custody and transferring them to other countries but we don’t have an effective system of keeping tabs on them and that is why they keep ending up on the battlefield. I think that is why Chuck Hagel, as our Secretary of Defense, was pushed out. He resisted the idea we should speed along the combatants and transfer them back to countries like Qatar or Afghanistan where we will have little ability to monitor them. So yes, I am concerned.”

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