Attkisson: Media Scared to Get Hacked, Blackballed By Administration

Tuesday on “The Michael Berry Show” broadcasted on KTRH 740 AM in Houston, former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson discussed her lawsuit against the Obama administration for hacking her computer, noting the story is not getting much coverage in the mainstream media because of fear.

Attkisson said, “A lot of people don’t seem terribly upset in the media that a journalist’s computer was intruded on. That fact is indisputable by the three forensic exams. I think that is a huge story in and of itself, and a huge outrage and I’m just not sure why there isn’t more outrage, unless people are afraid to some degree that if they report on that, the same things might happen to them or they might fall out of favor with those they rely upon to get their stories.”

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