Pirro: ‘We Don’t Win Through Hug Diplomacy’

On Saturday, Fox News Channel “Justice with Judge Jeanine” host Jeanine Pirro blasted the Obama administration for engaging in “hug diplomacy.”

“I believe that war is war. I believe that people who kill deserve to be killed. I believe that without the will to destroy the enemy, without the purpose of winning at all costs, we simply cannot and will not succeed. Now, there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Mo one knows what percent are radical. And that certainly doesn’t include the non-Muslim Westerners who decide to become radical. So, how do we win? We don’t win by returning the enemy to the battlefield. We don’t win by failing to identify the enemy, or by cutting back the military to pre-World War II levels, or by removing the word ‘Islamic’ from in front of ‘extremists’ in White House talking points. We don’t win by apologizing for Americans who simply express their First Amendment free speech right, and we don’t win by allowing citizens who join radicalized groups to remain here in the United States. We don’t win when we treat jihad as a law enforcement problem, giving Constitutional rights to terrorists, we don’t win by dismantling intel programs that put undercover officers in mosques in Muslim areas, and we don’t win by scheduling another conference. We don’t win by leaving our border open…we don’t win through that hug diplomacy, and we certainly don’t do it by showing up a week late with a guy with a guitar to sing ‘You’ve Got a Friend'” she stated.

Pirro continued, “so how do we win? We win by cutting off funding to Arab countries that support jihad. We win by cutting off funding to countries, like Turkey that line up their tanks to watch the killing of the Kurds like they’re at a drive-in movie. We win by forcing Arab countries to duplicate Egypt’s refusal to tolerate Islamic extremists. We win when we stop talking politics…and we win when we start talking solutions.”

She also discussed differing figures on recidivism rates of detainees released from Guantanamo Bay, saying “does it even matter? 6%, 30%? Here’s what matters. If we’re going to risk replenishing the enemy in a time of war, then we must have sanctions when they violate the conditions of their release. Why aren’t we doing anything about this? Example, a criminal violates his parole, he’s sent back to jail. So, if a detainee terrorist returns to the battlefield, then the country that agreed to house and monitor him must suffer some consequence…don’t give me this hogwash that Gitmo is the reason why terrorism is expanding. That’s like saying that Alcatraz is the reason people are killing each other. We’re not winning the war on terror. And whether it’s the refusal to accurately identify our enemy, or the failure to have a strategy that recognizes both the danger and the reach of that enemy, we’re just not winning.”

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