Pfeiffer: Congress Having a Say on Iran ‘Not A Good Idea’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press” President Barack Obama’s senior advisor Daniel Pfeiffer said Congress having a say on a deal with Iran is “not a good idea.”

Pfeiffer said, “With the president’s authority, he’s going to see if we can get the best deal we can, does not make sense for congress to scuttle that deal now. That will put America in a bad place, not dealing with Iran, but the world. Iran will be able to go to the world and say the United States negotiated in bad faith here, that will make it harder for us to maintain a sanctions regime across the world if that happens.”

“We’ll consult with congress. we have the president,  the president has done that, will continue to do that. The idea that congress dictates the entire policy of the United States is not a good idea,” he added.

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