Levin: National Debt Will Lead to Real Government Shutdown

On Tuesday, talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin argued that the national debt will lead to a full, real government shutdown.

“You’ll hear these people ‘we can’t have a government shutdown’…the government’s going to shut down, and everything related to the government’s going to shut down, and checks won’t go out, and borders won’t be secure, and planes won’t fly. This [the projected impacts of the national debt] is a real government shutdown we’re talking about, not a pretend government shutdown, and the laws of economics will impose it, not the games of politics” he stated.

Levin then discussed government programs paid through payroll taxes such as Social Security, and taxes paid under FICA before declaring “it’s all starting to come together in a very unpleasant way.”

He concluded “if you have an economy that implodes, everything else implodes,” and “we need to become passionate about this, even emotional about this…this is more than the debt, this is the survival of our society.”

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